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Program Focused Program Support

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The application will automatically download to your desktop. Save the PDF document to your computer, fill out the form and save it again. Then you can attach it to an email. Please send all forms to: kailey.brennan@cdedu.us

Program Focus Application
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Program Focused Program Support is a model that approaches the program holistically and brings all the necessary supports together into the program (technical assistance, coaching, consultation, PLCs, and professional development training) to improve program quality. These supports will lead to improvements in the knowledge, skills, practices and dispositions of early childhood and ASOST professionals and enhance program quality.

Through the Region 5 Educator and Provider Support (EPS) grant, the Southeast Education Professionals Partnership (SEEPP), is committing resources to provide this “Program Focused Support” to eligible programs that apply through our website. Every effort will be made to select programs that are representative of the mixed delivery system and have a balance within the cities and towns of Region 5.

What makes a program eligible for consideration?

Programs wishing to participate in the Program Focused Support Program must show a commitment to program quality and program improvement. This may be evidenced by participation in QRIS or accreditation, through identified needs in a Continued Quality Improvement Plan (CQI) or Program Professional Development Plan (PPDP) and/or staff Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDP).

How does a program apply?

Programs wishing to be considered to participate in the Program Focused Support Program must complete an application form and submit to the SEEPP. Download form: Program Focus Application

Applications will be accepted throughout the Fiscal Year and must include the PQ Registry Educator Profile summary for all educators in the program. Programs will be considered pending available EPS funding.

How will programs be selected?

Upon review of an application and approval, an initial interview will be conducted by the Region 5 EPS Lead Coach, Carla Seymour. This interview will include review of the goals and needs of the program with Program Leadership and a discussion around the anticipated timeframe for the support services. An appropriate “anchor” coach will be assigned to work with the program.

If a program is not approved for Program Focused Support, Region 5 EPS will offer consultation/technical assistance to the program to prepare them for Program Focused Support. This consultation by a professional with the expertise in a specific content area will engage in the problem-solving process to address a particular issue. This support will be short-term. These supports may be: assist in development of CQI, assist in establishing IPDPs with staff, assist with TA on the QRIS or may be the result of licensing mitigation or referral from licensing or program quality specialist.

What are the expectations of the program selected?

Being selected to participate in this comprehensive support program is a commitment to improving the quality of a program. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SEEPP will be developed and signed by the program leadership. Attainable goals to move quality will be identified through intake and an observation of a subcategory in a measurement tool will provide measureable data to reflect a pre-score before implementing the tasks to achieve the identified goal. This observation will be conducted by the “anchor” coach as identified by the Lead Coach, to begin services, or in some cases, an outside consultant with experience with the tool. From the assessment of the subcategory, the CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement plan) will be reviewed and updated as needed. From the CQI, the Coach will work with the program to determine program needs including, but not limited to:

This comprehensive Program Focused Program support will assist administrators and educators in a program to achieve a goal, support best practice, enhance program quality and build educator skills. Our goal is to develop a mutual relationship with programs over time that will empower programs to continually work towards improving all aspects of their program.

“Goals are dreams with deadlines.” – Diana Schart Hunter