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Program Administration Scale (PAS)

The Program Administration Scale is a tool for Center and School Based Program Administrators to assess the program's administrative practices. In this training, participants will review the elements of the Program Administration Scale, practice completing the assessment including scoring, and explore strategies for program improvements. This will help educators use the tool to increase responsive interactions with children and improve the overall program environment.

The MA QRIS is using the PAS as a measurement tool which is required for all center-based/ school-based programs participating in QRIS at Level 2, Level 3, and Level 4.

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Using the Program Administration Scale for Program Assessment and Improvement: PAS, Level 1

Course Description:

The quality of early education and care programs is determined by the educator’s interactions with children and the quality of the learning environment. The Program Administration Scale (PAS) is a reliable instrument which measures the quality of leadership and management practices in center-based early education and care programs. In this training, educators will learn about the elements of program quality, how to evaluate their program using the PAS, and using this information to inform program improvements.

Using the Program Administration Scale (PAS) Results for Program Improvement: Level 2

Course Description:

Investments in quality early education have high rates of return for society. Investing in early childhood education has been shown to increase school success, improve economic status, and reduce incarceration. Strong business practices are essential in creating and maintaining fiscally sound early childhood programs, with learning environments that nurture and challenge young children. This is imperative in all early childhood settings as educators play a vital role in ensuring that children experience a smooth transition from the early years to the early grades.

The Program Administration Scale (PAS) is a valid and reliable instrument to measure the quality of management practices in center-based early care and education programs.In this training, participants will review scoring of the PAS tool, professional and program improvement plans, and use of data for program improvement. Participants are asked to bring along a business card to share with fellow participants.

Participants need to bring the following to the training:

Attended Level 1 training on PAS content and scoring, completed the tool, updated program and professional improvement plans.

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