Brain Building

Child Development and Education, Inc, with the Institute of Education and Professional Development, supports the Brain Building in Progress Campaign to promote awareness of child development, foster cognitive, social and emotional development and emphasize the importance of giving our children a strong foundation to learn and grow. VISIT WEBSITE for more information

Educator Provider Support (EPS) Regional Grantees

EEC awarded EPS grants (Educator and Provider Support) to five agencies in FY14. Below are the Lead Agencies for all Regions across the State. You can participate in any professional development opportunity throughout the state as a licensed educator.


Western Mass: Region 1 Partnership Members

Central Mass: Region 2 Partnership Members

Northeast Mass: Region 3 Partnership Members

Southeast Mass: Region 5 Partnership Members

Metro Boston: Region 6 Partnership Members

For more information about the history and the purpose of the EPS Grant please visit the EPS PAGE on the EEC website.