Brain Building

Child Development and Education, Inc, with the Institute of Education and Professional Development, supports the Brain Building in Progress Campaign to promote awareness of child development, foster cognitive, social and emotional development and emphasize the importance of giving our children a strong foundation to learn and grow. VISIT WEBSITE for more information

Frequently Asked Questions


Registration Policies
Child Development and Education, Inc., lead agent for the QRIS Measurement Tool Grant, prescribes to the following registration policies for all professional development opportunities

Please read these policies prior to registering for any EPS Course.

What trainings are available?
Through the QRIS measurement tool grant, we are offering the following trainings through the Commonwealth

How do I register for training?
Please visit our registration page

Can I take more than one training?
Yes, you may register for more than one training but please make every attempt to attend all trainings that you sign up for.

Can I take training in any EPS Region even if I am not located in that area?
Yes! Trainings are available to educators from all regions.

What is a PQ number?
A Professional Qualifications (PQ) number is generated from the Professional Qualification Registry. Any educator wishing to register for a QRIS Measurement tool training must have a PQ number. To register please visit: PQ REGISTRY

What is a program number?
A Program Number is assigned by EEC to all family child care educators and each center. This number can found on your EEC license. Please have your program number available when registering.

What is an IPDP?
IPDP stands for Individual Professional Development Plan. This helps you organize you short-term and long-term educational and professional development goals and determine the steps you need to take to achieve these goals. You can find a copy of an IPDP here.

What is QRIS?
QRIS is the Quality Rating and Improvement System for Massachusetts. Using a series of standards and self-assessment tools, educators can assess, improve and communicate the level of quality in early education and care and out-of-school time programs. For more information about MA QRIS please visit: QRIS OVERVIEW

What are CEU's?
The Continuing Education Unit (CEU) is a nationally recognized unit of measurement for noncredit continuing education programs. It is designed to document learning experiences that are valid in their own right but are not academic credits from a college or university. All of the QRIS Measurement Tool Trainings are a .5 CEU and represents 5 contact hours of participation in an organized education/training experience under responsible, qualified direction and instruction.

What are QRIS Measurement Tool Support Webinars?
Through the QRIS Measurement Tool Grant, we will be offering interactive support webinars for each of the QRIS Measurement Tool Trainings. Webinars will be help on a quarterly basis and you are welcome to register for any tool webinar to receive support. You can view a complete list of support webinars on our website.

Do I have needed to take a QRIS training in order to register for the QRIS Measurement Tool Support Webinar?
No, but you need to have experience with the tool and be actively implementing it in your program.